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Thatcham Category S7 is the new classification for vehicle and caravan trackers that previously were described as Insurance Approved Category 6 and 7.

If an insurance company has stipulated that you must have an S7 tracking security system fitted to your caravan, then it is because it’s over a certain value and requires a high level of protection.

Some insurance companies will call the system CAT 6 or CAT 7, while others will stipulate S7.

They are now all the same category.

S7 has replaced the CAT6 and CAT7 standards but not every insurance company have updated their system to reflect this yet, or retrained their advisors. Some advisors may still be using the old terminology simply out of habit.

S7 offers the minimum level of theft protection for your caravan with upgrade options.

Protection of your caravan under the S7 classification includes:

Live tracking of the stolen caravan

Police Notification. (Stolen caravans are notified to the Police to be on the lookout, but it’s not a priority like S5)

Visual live tracking on a mobile device via an app. (Optional)

Additional Costs.

Airtime for tracking is by subscription paid directly to the airtime provider after installation.

Typically, these costs are £149.00 per year, or £399.00 Lifetime of you owning the vehicle, or £13.50 monthly.

#Airtime prices are set by the airtime provider, not the Trackerman

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